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 RoadSideMS Server Information

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Owner of RoadsideMS

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PostSubject: RoadSideMS Server Information   RoadSideMS Server Information EmptyFri Feb 06, 2009 8:58 pm

This was taken from our ad on RageZone and CEF
Bump it frequently if u love us.
Ragezone AD

RoadSideMS Server Information 2hwzkma

RoadSideMS Server Information 2rhvdw3

1200x Exp | 800x Meso | Custom Drops

We have bought Gold Member at xtremetop 100 for $15!
(www.xtremetop 100.com/in.php?site=1132265357)
Currently Rank 24!
Remember to Vote Madly!

24/7 Online | Dedicated Server | Stable | No Crashes

Looking for players for RoadSideMS

We have added a Forum. Check it Out!

* Mail and inbox works
* Press trade for MTS ; i off it
* 8 channels.
* Trade 32k stat for 32k stat ring system
* Omok and Card Games Works
* Job Equips at Nana Free market , Pirate shop
* Multi Purpose Npc @fmnpc.
* Only 6 NPCS at FM to have a Cleaner and Cozy freemarket.
* Donor Points system
* Lag-Free & Hack-Free (Hackers will immediately be
* Males & Females can use KIN or NimaKIN to change
their appearence for free!
* NPC for Buffs, uses your own MP
* Multipets
* Rebirth system
* Ring Effects
* Skills Maxer
* Horntail works
* ThePack repack with total NPC Edits!
* Chairs Work
* Max AP is 32767
* Newly added Trophy System!
* Special surprise at 10/20/30 Rebirths
* Beginners set includes weapons and mesos
* GMs cannot be banned
* Player vs Player
* Many PQs!
* Guild Wars
* Capture the Flag
* Sera resets ap
* Mysterious statue and Spinel warp
* Amos the strong is boss warper
* Pets sold in Cash Shop
* 100% Working Cash Shop
* Custom NPCs
* Player Commands
* Many More!

Player Commands:
Type @help to access all this commands.

*@buychicken - Opens up the buy chickens npc
*@sellchicken - Opens up the sell chickens npc
*@playerhangouts - teleport you to playerhangouts
*@pvpinfo <charname> - Check the pvp info of a player. Go to pvp map by talking to shanks.
* @mail send <recipient name> <message> - to send someone a message.
* @mail inbox - to check the messages people send you.
* @fmnpc - Shows the multi purpose npc
* @bot - helps with bankaistory's bot.
* @changename - changes your name for 1billion mesos
* @callgm - Calls a GM.
* @version - Shows the Version.
* @dispose - Use if you're stuck.
* @emo - Kill yourself.
* @expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
* @help - This shows all the player commands.
* @pap - Summons Papulatus if you are in the right
map and have a Piece of Dimension.
* @pvp - Shows help with PvP
* @rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
* @save - Saves your data.
* @str [num] - Adds [num] str.
* @dex [num] - Adds [num] dex.
* @int [num] - Adds [num] int.
* @luk [num] - Adds [num] luk.
* @toggleexp - Toggles whether you get exp or not.
* @togglesmega - Toggles if you hear smegas or
not. Costs 100000 mesos per use.
* @zakum - Summons Zakum if you are in the right
map, and you have an Eye of Fire.
* @version - Shows Version.

New Feature:
Mail costs 1k mesos per message.

Type @mail send <recipient name> <message> to send a message to

Type @mail inbox to see the messages that are sent to you. If there are none,
nothing will popup. If there are messages, a popup will come with the message.

Thank you and enjoy @mail.

..and Many More!

Custom Spawns:
Now tired of looking for good places to hunt? Don't know where to go? Well, stop with all your worries because thanks to our awesome owner, RickRoll we have Monster spawns in FM room 1~6!!!!!

Fm1: Green snail , Blue snail , Red snail
Fm2: Fire Boars, Jr.Lioner, Jr.Cellion, Jr.Grupin, Panda Teddy
Fm3: Desert Giant, Jr.Yeti, Transforming Jr.Yeti, Transformed Yeti, Mixed Golem
Fm4: Squid, Risell Squid, Shark
Fm5: Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Nest Golem
Fm6: Crimson Guardian, Manon

That's is our Fm spawn!
We also have a Combat instructor Located in Fm and inside Fm Rooms 1~6. He helps u level up to 30!

...and Many More!

Wow, thanks for Reading Everything!
You are more Familiar with RoadSideMS now!

Funny and Epic stuffs happen every minute in RoadSideMS. I am really excited to meet you guys at our server!
Come and Join Now! Make Friends here!

RoadSideMS Server Information 11sm69v
RoadSideMS Server Information 2dkc17q
RoadSideMS Server Information 2z3ufdv
RoadSideMS Server Information Lv9si
RoadSideMS Server Information 156siab
RoadSideMS Server Information Oko97b
RoadSideMS Server Information 2ldx1g7
RoadSideMS Server Information 28auwee
RoadSideMS Server Information 25u7k41
RoadSideMS Server Information 27ynx1i
RoadSideMS Server Information 25qx5qg

Looking For 1-2 good coders. PM me!

Server Specs :
24/7 Dedicated
8GB Ram
Intel Pentium lll Xeon processor 2.67ghz , 4 cores.
100mb/s Internet

Don't mind the picture.
That was the dedicated server we used last time
RoadSideMS Server Information Mvnek7

Please Do Not Flame Here.

Still confused about the server and wanna see a closer guide?

Hopefully you are not confused anymore.
Thank you for reading our AD!

Join Today!
(www.xtremetop 100.com/in.php?site=1132265357)
Drifting to the Top!

RoadSideMS Server Information Fxs0w1

RoadSideMS Server Information L_c81ed714f8d851bbd87fc359545ceb36
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RoadSideMS Server Information
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