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 [IMPORTANT] Format for ban appeals.

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[IMPORTANT] Format for ban appeals. Empty
PostSubject: [IMPORTANT] Format for ban appeals.   [IMPORTANT] Format for ban appeals. EmptySun Feb 08, 2009 1:08 pm

Hi fellow RoadsideMS-ers,

Please kindly follow this format for your ban appeals. Failure to do so, no GM(s) would entertain your ban appeals.

Create a thread with the heading

[Ban Appeal] for <your nick>

In your thread, please include the EXACT following

Your IGN(In Game Nick): iMbRoKeN
Timezone Your are In: GMT +8 (for singaporeans is +8)
Time You got Banned: 3pm-5pm
Date You got Banned: 9th Feb 2009
Place you were: Free Market (Place you were when you got banned.)
Reasons we should unban you: Please state your reasons
Evidences: (if any, provide screenshots too.)

Please DO NOT repost your ban appeal or post in any other sections. In doing so, chances of getting you unbanned is slim. Also, please DO NOT PM any GM or Moderators to view your thread. Just remember these few words below

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[IMPORTANT] Format for ban appeals.
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