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 You want to be a forum moderator? Read here first.

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You want to be a forum moderator? Read here first. Empty
PostSubject: You want to be a forum moderator? Read here first.   You want to be a forum moderator? Read here first. EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 2:16 am

Hello guys

First i'd like to thank you for even clicking this thread, this show that you have the intention to help out in our community.

Before i put out the format for this particular application, i would like to stress that i am looking for genuine and hardworking people to work with. As most of you have noticed, i am currently adminstrating the forum alone, so i will need help. My requirements are not that hard, as long as you are hardworking, matured and have a good command in english, i'd be glad to recruit you.

Oh, and please do not look down on being a forum moderator. It takes time and 100% responsiblity to be one. Some of us say that it's actually a stepping stone for those GM-wannabes. So without naggin' any furthur, here's the format;

Create a thread with the title heading

[Forum Mod Application] by yournick

Age: (as long as you are willing to learn and be responsible/mature)
E-mail: (i would need your MSN email as i would love to work closely with my moderators)
Time you spend online: (be it ingame or online)
What makes you think you meet my requirements?: (i DO NOT wanna see one liners sentences)
Have you been a moderator in any forums before?: (be it maplestory related or others)
Are you willing to learn and take orders?: (i believe in respecting one another)

Please do not repost your application or ask any Admins/GM to review it. I will eventually LOCK the thread once i've seen the application. I would kindly remind you that being a forum moderator requires a great amount of your time and being responsible is definitely essential.

ADVICE: Once the title heading for the thread is wrong i won't even bother reviewing the application.
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You want to be a forum moderator? Read here first.
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