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 contact person/staff list

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contact person/staff list Empty
PostSubject: contact person/staff list   contact person/staff list EmptyFri Feb 27, 2009 11:09 pm

I have a perception of a list which is displayed at the main site and/or posted in the froums and/or available via a player command in-game.

This list should include the names off all GM's and/or contact persons/interns in-game and from the forums who can be asked for help.

Personally I think this could cut a bunch of spam in the chat, at the forums and in-game.
People, who are unable to figure something about this server out, will be happy if they get helped on real quick.
And people who like to help, but have not been accepted/do not want to be GM's, will also be satisfied.
Exept for the in-game command this idea could be assembled very quick.

Obviously the people which do want to be listed there should do that of their own free will. If someone rejects ( i include GM's)
because he/she wants to be left alone or because of any other reaspn, then that person should not be registered or be delisted if he/she wishes so.
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contact person/staff list
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