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 x3Vivi's [GM Application]

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x3Vivi's [GM Application] Empty
PostSubject: x3Vivi's [GM Application]   x3Vivi's [GM Application] EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 2:05 pm

Hi, this is x3Vivi's GM application. x3Vivi is also known as Pink/Sydney before the first wipe =).

Real Name : Vivi

IGN : x3Vivi

Age : 16

Timezone : +8 [GMT]

Position Applying for : Game Master

GM Experience: I've been a GM in LonelyMs/AcerMs. I know most of the codes. I was demoted cause of suspected NPC removal. After the case was solved ( yes it wasn't me ) i was promoted to my GM status. After which i quitted after a week cause of a poor owner which lacked experience, giving 10 out of the 20 players GM status. Also, I've helped GMs in AncientMs to do 'Crowd Control' aka 'Stopping people from spamming questions and helping them in their questions'. I've seen many different types of behaviours in players and kinda understand what their behaviours are like.

Previous Servers as a GM :LonelyMs, AcerMs

Event Ideas : These are events that i think no one has thought of here.

A True or False or T/F event.
Players are warped into a map which can be split into Left, Right and Centre or Up, Down and Centre. And random questions about anything regarding about anything will be asked. Players in the centre are to answer the questions. Those who think its true, go to the left/up side of the map, whichever way you want it and players who think its false, go to the right/down side of the map. And the losers get warped out from the map, and the winners carry on. And the last person standing wins a prize.

PQ Event.
First, players are to find a spot. If they have found the spot using the clues by [Notice] they'll qualify and will be warped into the pq map. Players are then gonna race to the end of the map through obstacles. top 12 players will make it to the second round. Players who die are eliminated. 2nd round, players are splitted into 2 teams. Each team will have to kill a set amount of bga,bgb,the boss. Fastest team wins 1 point. 3rd round, Jump quest. First team with all their members reaching the top wins 1 point. 4th and final round, hide and seek, first team which has all their members reaching the Hider wins a point. The team with the highest amount of points win!

Hide and Seek Event (But with an extra twist)
Hmm so well, we have quite a fair amount of GMs right? or well, people with hide. So, i suggest, we get 5 people with hide skill to hide. And each of them will hold different items(50 of each item) to give out. Players who can find all 5 of the people with the items will win! Oh, and you can buy or sell pieces.

Hunting Event
Well, let's get a map, like the Subway which has the blue slimes in it. So theres 2 maps that have these bubblings right? So in a certain channel, the bubblings will drop pieces, which will be rare to drop. Players will start hunting and trying to get the pieces as fast as possible. Players who find 20 pieces first shall win an item of their choice, maybe?

Contact (MSN please, however AIM is acceptable) :
Vivi-QQ@live.com.my - x33vivi for AIM (Don't bother, I'm never on AIM)

How long have you played on RSMS: For about 2 months

Play Time: 3~4 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends.

Comments :
I love RoadSide and everyone in it, even donated 65$. I hate bastards like Sexy aka David for backstabbing our server and pulling friends to his server. Anyways, I've been playing RoadSide for more than a month now, been through 3 of the wipes. Well, I'll check for hackers and ban the hacker once found, asking players to vote, helping players in their questions, stop KS'ing among players, jail those who harass others and anything i can do to help lighten the burden of other GMs. I'm using a blog to get people to vote and play the server. I'm getting better with Photoshop, so i guess i can help a little in the future?

Here's what i have done with photoshop.
x3Vivi's [GM Application] Third-2
x3Vivi's [GM Application] Second
x3Vivi's [GM Application] Bannuhcopy-1

So, i hope i get accepted =).

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x3Vivi's [GM Application] Empty
PostSubject: Re: x3Vivi's [GM Application]   x3Vivi's [GM Application] EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 8:08 pm

Good luck Vivi
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x3Vivi's [GM Application] Empty
PostSubject: Re: x3Vivi's [GM Application]   x3Vivi's [GM Application] EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 4:43 am

Good luck!
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x3Vivi's [GM Application] Empty
PostSubject: Re: x3Vivi's [GM Application]   x3Vivi's [GM Application] Empty

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x3Vivi's [GM Application]
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