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 Rant on StoryofLove

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PostSubject: Rant on StoryofLove   Rant on StoryofLove EmptySun Mar 29, 2009 9:25 am

Soo, lets get on with this true story. I made this html code that requires a person to vote before they may view the site and I let GalaxyMS use it. I'm a nuhb HTML coder and I added a small Javascript into that code and it was a success. So when Rick found it he decided to use it also, I was like.. Oh what the heck, I'm working for Rick too. So I gave him the code also.

GalaxyMS and Roadside - FyreStory was the only servers I gave my script to. So then here comes StoryofLove walking around stalking on Roadside before it got hacked. They found out about our script and completely stole it and changed it. They're nuhbeh changes were adding a story and change the vote link/image. That's ezpz to do, really. All that work was mine and my own. And they came in and take it. Cmon, I'm a noobish HTML coder.. I only studied HTML for 2 weeks. That's SHORT! They stole our script from Roadside... Failure 1.

Failure 2. This is where my actual proof that they've stolen my script from..
Complete link to Roadside. lmao... Nuhbish HTML coders EDITORS.

Failure 3, this one pisses me off and is all the reason why I'm posting this.

End of my rant, my full view of StoryofLove now is... leechers. >.>


Rant on StoryofLove Zang-kenn
Rant on StoryofLove 2n0ih06
Rant on StoryofLove 29asdpi
Rant on StoryofLove 2u8ib87
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Rant on StoryofLove
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