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 Kuro. Failure.

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Kuro. Failure. Empty
PostSubject: Kuro. Failure.   Kuro. Failure. EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 5:06 pm

You might wanna rethink him being a GM.

Ok, firstly, he plays Maple Fusion. And is one of the good players there.

Second.. he was askiing about hacks
Kuro. Failure. Maple0002-2
Kuro. Failure. Maple0003-2

And wow. everyone, Satan, Dissidia and me saw him doing 20bil damage on a mushroom in fm.
Credits to Satan for the next 2 pictures. =)
Kuro. Failure. Hax
Kuro. Failure. Hax2

ip ban plawks.
Kuro. Failure. Maple0004-1

saddening. lol. nah.
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Kuro. Failure.
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