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 Nero Joining RoadSideMS

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New Member!

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Nero Joining RoadSideMS Empty
PostSubject: Nero Joining RoadSideMS   Nero Joining RoadSideMS EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 1:56 am

Hey guys! I'm Nero,a newcomer to RoadSideMS. I look forward to staying at RoadSideMS for an extremely long time. You may have know me from other servers under the IGN's Nero or Plato. Here's some Information about me.

Nero [If it isn't taken].

Planning to join any guild.

First Job Before Rebirth:
Night Lord

Reason for choosing that job:
All of the Basic Skills:
Shadow Partner,Meso Up (Farming Meso),Haste,and Flash Jump

Why did you join RoadSideMS?
I really like the EXP,Meso,and Drop Rates.With the amount of players that there are right now,there will be lots of fun!

Questions About the Server:
How many people have to be online for an event to take place?
What kind of events are there at RoadSideMS?
What are the prizes most of the time?

Staff Members
How many Game Masters are there?
How many Admins are there?
Who is the owner of RoadSideMS?

Are there any Custom Wz. Files for RoadSideMS?
Are there Custom PQ's?

From the Server's Newcomer,
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Nero Joining RoadSideMS
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