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 GM Information & Rules

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GM Information & Rules Empty
PostSubject: GM Information & Rules   GM Information & Rules EmptyFri Feb 06, 2009 9:33 pm

GM Information:
Owner - blitzbleed , IGN: RickRoll
Co-owner - Marcus , IGN: Imbroken
GM/Dev/Coder - Sora - IGN: Riku
Head-GM - Circa , IGN: Circa
Co-HeadGM - Timothy , IGN: Cryptic
GM/GFX - CK, IGN: Radiant (Restained)
Video Creator - Tousen, IGN: Tousen
GM - Freeman, IGN: Freeman
GM - Luke - IGN: Tanooki

People who paid $100 for GM:
Donator GM - Cindybear (BANNED)
Donator GM - Kenn

GM's please do not change your name..

GM Rules and Regulations:
1. Do not give any godly items to normal players.
2. Do not host any sort of events untill u get the Owner's permission.
3. Find hackers and ban them every once awhile.
4. Help players find their way and do not use mean commands on them.
5. Be active and must at least be on 45 hours a week.
6. Get players to vote every now and then to increase our xtremetop100 ranks.
7. Stay loyal and dedicated to RoadSideMS to have more chances of getting promoted.
8. Do not abuse your gm power , no spawning monsters when there's normal players around.

Please follow this rules and u will get promoted.
Don't follow the rules and you might be demoted or de-gmed.

GM Information & Rules L_c81ed714f8d851bbd87fc359545ceb36
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GM Information & Rules
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